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With HP over and me starting a new job, while single parenting, with buttons both at secondary school, plus finding a new house... too busy... I am going to have a huge flist cut of people I don't know.

Sorry, lurkers, but I want this to be under control.

If you're here for fic, which I'm not sure there'll be much of, in the future, anyway, then there is some way of doing a new post alert on shocfix on InsaneJournal.

I'll leave this unlocked, for people who wonder why I'm not posting, so if anyone gets cut by mistake you can comment and say, 'pfffrt, shocolate, I'm the one you had that long conversation with about Prince Bertil of Sweden!' and I will correct my error...

ETA : I now have 171 people on my flist, yet am still on 754 - this was not in one cut - this is over the last eight years... so if anyone hasn't seen a post from me for ever, and suddenly this unlocked one has popped up - feel free to remove me, and we'll both be tidyer for it.

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Tidy is overrated. I quite enjoy seeing you pop up unexpectedly on my flist even though it reminds me each time we never were friends. :)

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I really wish livejournal let you view the people you have friended, instead of everyone, because I have lots of journals in my list who I defriended years ago who haven't defriended me, and it irritates me so much!

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me too - 500 I have never heard of, on top of the ones I actively defriended!

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Being down to only 171 is really impressive though (although I couldn't bear the '1', I'd have to tidy it down to 170 exactly)

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there are a couple of people I didn't dare cut...

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It's a hassle to set up in the beginning if you have a huge flist but reading on a filter is how i manage my comms/people I'm not longer friends with. It makes it a bit more manageable even though it still frustrates me to know they're there.

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I have trouble understanding why. They shouldn't clutter your flist at all. The only place they appear is on your profile page, and if it bothers you, I think you can ask for them to be hidden.

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I thought she meant on the add/remove friends thing - I had to go through 21 pages of people, hardly any of whom I have friended... I should be able to remove the others?

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It annoys me when I look at my 'manage friends' page, because I'd rather just see people I've chosen to friend, makes things less cluttered and easier to manage.

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yup - you can't manage them at all - you can't do anything!

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Even a filter by 'green arrows', 'blue arrows' 'mutual' would work better!

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*waves* So long and thanks for all the fic. :)

(I totally had forgotten I had ever friended you -- it was probably during the heyday of HP fic. Take care and stay well.)

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you are very welcome - there hasn't been any fic for ages...

take care.

(I agonised over this post, because I don't need wank, but I thought vanishing without trace is worse than suddenly popping out on people who have forgotten all about me!)

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*waves* So long and thanks for all the fic. :)

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Totally understand. Hope to see some more fic again from you in the future. I shall keep my eyes peeled.

Best wishes!

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thank you cupcake... I do not know how people with full time jobs find the time, but we'll see...

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How did you manage to cut more than 3/4 of your list? I am quite impressed!

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well, that is many tidies, over the years... I didn't do THAT many this time!!
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Nobody can call you a big name fan now!

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nope - I'm just a person with a job, who hates Twishit!

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who hates Twishit!
AMEN to that!!

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My God, but what a difference a few months makes. :)

I'm so proud of you. I often find that to be true, but your life has upended several times over the last few months, and the fact that the last HP film was the minute least of those... And, I'm not ashamed to admit it was a kick in the gut for me and, at times, a very small part of me feels like the last guest at a party that ended an hour ago, and I'm desperate not to go home...

I just... Look at you :) Look at you being amazing :) I live among amazons on this flist of mine, in this lovely little LJ world. They can do anything.

Go be wonderful. Ron will be waiting. :)
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I know that on InsaneJournal there is a way to ban people from your journal so they don't appear on your flist anymore even if they still have you friended.

Not sure if LJ have the same thing though.

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I'm a total lurker now but don't cut me. I still love you.

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Total lurker here!

Thank you for all the fic and Dan Rupert news/interviews over the years and info about the theatre trips. It has been a wonderful way of keeping in touch with home and city life since my move to being a country bumpkin in Tasmania.

Good luck with the new job and house hunting - I hope I am not cut but che sera!!
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[personal profile] sherylyn 2011-09-04 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Life changes as kids grow up and all sorts of things happen. I hope this helps make life a bit more manageable for you!!
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So long, and thanks for all the fish x

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Yay! Still in!

Particularly thrilled because I just watched both Cherrybomb and Wild Target, solely because of you, and ended up falling in love with both. Though I only shared Wild Target with the hubby, as I didn't think he'd be able to fully appreciate the beauty of Rupert's accent and the Luke/Malachy ;)
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I'm not around much these days, but if you remove me I'll hurt you.

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lol - there is a difference between 'who the hell is this?' and the Sikrit Squirrel!

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*haughty look*

One may be recognised by one's spangly sparkly sequin trail......

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I've missed seeing your posts and figured you had defriended me. However, I totally understand the tidying up thing. I'll have [ profile] lnalvgd keep me posted if you decide to let me go completely.

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I must admit I became a lurker, but work had become too overwhelming to do anything else. I'll miss seeing your posts! ♥ Take care!

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Long time lurker, even more so now that life has become hectic. So I completely understand :)

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I am still here - just trying to catch up on about 1000 posts since I last logged on!

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Hey, just wanted to say good luck and thanks!
I friended you for the fic when it was still here and stayed for the HP stuff you always posted. I confess I did not read the family and personal stuf because , well, it felt weird and intrusive, not knowing you, so I completelly understand the cuts you made.
I`m just sad that now some of the HP posts I had in my Favorites will be gone! :)
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Good luck with the new Job

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Well, since I'm only just now reading this, I can see why you would cut people like me -- I'm a fan of de-cluttering, so I completely understand. I've enjoyed reading your posts during the release of the books over the last several years, and I've also enjoyed reading your well-written fic. Before I go, however, I just wanted to mention that my children and I saw Dan yesterday in "How to Succeed", and he was really wonderful! Not only was his singing and dancing far beyond my expectations, but his comic timing was perfect, and it was a joy to watch someone who is so clearly thrilled to be on stage! Best of luck to you, and thanks for keeping me around for so long!

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I did friend you and I will take you off my list. Just wanted to let you know how much I did appreciate all the wealth of information you provided regarding the "Harry Potter" years. I really liked your take on things which is of course why I followed you. I had nothing interesting to 'say' though so I didn't 'talk' much.

Good luck!

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Thank you!

It's hard to believe it's over, isn't it??

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I have enjoyed reading so many of your stories. I love Pluperfect Gentleman and Billet Doux and just about anything else of your's that I've read. I came to fan fiction late and am still reading stories, challenges, collections from years ago. I love your stories and hate to think of what I never had the chance to read. Is there any place to read your fiction now?


[identity profile] 2012-11-09 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Aw thank you - absolutely - the fic isn't even on here - it's on shocfix on insanejournal - you'll have to friend it and leave a comment and I'll friend back.

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Aww sadness. It was fun while it lasted. I did enjoy reading your fic back in the day. :P

* 2013 I realised shocolate defriended me. A sad day for everyone*

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I miss you!!

[identity profile] 2014-02-23 01:12 pm (UTC)(link)
bloody hell - you're a blast from the past!!

[identity profile] 2014-02-23 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I was talking about you and realized that I had a [ profile] shocolate shaped hole in my heart.

[identity profile] 2014-05-25 12:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I saw you defriended me a while back. I get it though--lives take different directions but I think of you often and fondly. Have a fantastic future and though I'm very seldom around I still love your work.

Actually just re-read Beleive that Magic Works last weekend.

Thanks for all the good times back in the HP Hey-Day.

Hope you and your buttons are well. :)

[identity profile] 2014-05-26 12:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow - I haven't seen you for ever!

Aw, did you? Ach, remember when there was new fic every day?

I haven't even posted on LJ for months, no matter posted fic!