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This journal is now Friends Only.

I don’t automatically friend back, because that defeats the point, but you can comment and explain who you are, and I may go “Lawks, it’s you – of course I will be your friend!”

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Hi! I'm mainly in BtVS fandom, but I made a post ( asking for Harry/Ron recs as I'm rereading the HP books, and somebody recommended your fics. I'm very much older than 18 and would love to give your stuff a read if it's available. :)

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Ah, I should've read the comments first. The fics are only available on IJ? I'll have to see if I can nab an account over there. :)

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lol - you're too fast for me!

yes, there's only RL onm here... but I'll totally friend back on the fic journal.

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No worries! See you on the flipside. :)