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This journal is now Friends Only.

I don’t automatically friend back, because that defeats the point, but you can comment and explain who you are, and I may go “Lawks, it’s you – of course I will be your friend!”

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I was perfectly friendly when I saw you for three minutes in New York, but that doesn't mean I have to read your journal.

I don't understand your problem.

I am really rather upset by this comment... all I did was tidy my flist... I don't even know where Jamie lives.... I don't know what conspiracy theory you are making up... and I seriously have better things to do than tell my flist when someone notices I have defriended them...

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Dear Lauren,

I wanted to write to you to apologize for my words the other day. I have been feeling very badly about my outburst. Your comment to me just surprised me. I realize that we have drifted, but didn't expect to hear what you said. I felt hurt, and and wanted to lash out at you, which was not the right thing to do. I let my emotions take over, which I should not have done. Once again, please accept my apology for my actions.

Best wishes to you and your family.


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Oh I'm so relieved!!

I 100% thought it was just a case of I was tidying, and I read through a filter anyway, because there were 600 people on my flist, and I dropped journals I hadn't read in forever and we used to giggle about Dan, but that was in god, 2005!!

So for it to come back and bite me on the arse six months later!