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This journal is now Friends Only.

I don’t automatically friend back, because that defeats the point, but you can comment and explain who you are, and I may go “Lawks, it’s you – of course I will be your friend!”
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Uh, hi?

You may remember me? Sarah? I read Shari's fic, and used to write Harry Potter fic at one time (still do sometimes) - my user ID was putmoneyinthypurse on Fanfiction dot net... Anyway, if you wouldn't mind friending me, that would be nice. Thanks and no worries if you don't know me from Eve. Best, Sarah

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well, my stories aren'ty even on here - they're on shocfix on insane journal...

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FRIEND ME NAAAOOOO!!!! *makes weird, Trelawney-esque hand movements* you know you want to ...

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Now, see LJ people?

This is how it's done!!
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Hi *waves*. You don't know me at all, but I know and love your fic and would just be thrilled to death if you friended me. Let's see...I'm not a crazy stalker person, I ship pretty much all slash in Harry Potterdom, and....yeah...I'm kinda boring, but you can look at my journal. Did I mention that I'm not a crazy stalker person?

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ohh - I missed this comment!

the fic isn't actually here on LJ - it's at - which you'll have to friend and I'll friend back, because I had a bit of a funny turn about x-rated stuff being unlocked...

and welcome!

Hello *waves* Asking to be accepted as a friend.

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I've been a fan of your work for ages & while I've never submitted fic, I do write & comment with great alacrity. I don't know if I originally found you through the old 'glassesreflect' site or McKay, but I am just getting back in fandom. [As much as I ever REALLY could get away. ;)] One of the qualities about your work I have admired over the years is the fact that you give our ginger-haired boy respect & keep the characters true to their personalities as written, but in a slash-y way!

On a personal note, I'm an actor who works out of O'do & thus, theme parks are the bread, butter & pickles of my income. The nice bit? I know more 'Wand-keepers' & 'Hogwarts Express Conductors' than most fans. I am proud to have been the go-to person for many a friend during their training when they had questions. Texts such as "Is Ollivander good or bad?" and "Now, who is Aberforth again?" began many an arduous [for them] conversation as to the minutiae of Harry Potter. Many of them were converted to fandom, if not slash!

Thanks for your time,
Alia aka lupinella

Re: Hello *waves* Asking to be accepted as a friend.

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Er, I think I'm on 'Insane' as well, but I have to find out... darn RL having messed up my fandom time. And, darn lack of computer savvy.

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Oh dear. This is awkward because while I've read pretty much all of your fics and loved every one, I'm a lurker in the HP fandom and I don't know that I've ever commented. ^_^;; So, ah...if you can find it in you to forgive a wee lurkerfan, please to be friending back?

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sorry I missed your comment...

hurrah and absolutely, but the fic isn't here on LJ - it's at - which you'll have to friend and I'll friend back, because I had a bit of a funny turn about x-rated stuff being unlocked...

and welcome!

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hey (:

someone recced a fic by you me thinks and i really want to read it ;)
So if it would be alright {or if there is anywhere else that i could read it instead of you friending me back} is there any chance you add me back, please? ;D

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hurrah and absolutely, but the fic isn't here on LJ - it's at - which you'll have to friend and I'll friend back, because I had a bit of a funny turn about x-rated stuff being unlocked...

and welcome!

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Hey, we are friended on insanejournal and I love reading your fics.
Can you please friend me on here as well. I solemnly swear that I am over 18.
Thanks in advance, Liz

Re: Friending

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Oh go on then - but there's no fic on here... Just real life insanity...

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Friending because of your amazing [ profile] smutty_claus entry. *fans self* Love that piece so hard, and I have a feeling we'll get along quite nicely. :)

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thank you so much!

the fic is actually on shocfix on insanejournal (flocked, because I had a flail about the x-rated stuff, but obviously I friend back), but you are more than welcome here, too.

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hi.. i'm a rupert fan.. and i was wondering if you have any malachy/luke slash stories.. and friend me please..


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Heya. Just read A Higher Love, and would like to read more. Would you friend me?
(deleted comment)

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There is a ridiculous amount, but it's not on here... it's on shocfix on insanejournal, which is also friends locked, but leave a comment and I will friend right back.
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Hi Shocolate,
I've been rereading a lot of my favorite fics lately, and I saw that yours are now friend locked. I truly enjoyed reading them, and I would enjoy having access to them again. Please friend me back.

Re: Friends?

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willingly - but the fic isn't on here - it's on shocfix, on insanejournal - also focked, to protect the innocent, but comment and I'll friend back...

Re: Friends?

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Would you please friend me, yours were the first Harry/Ron fic I read that lead me to make some awesome friends.

Plus I think your Bloody Brilliant!

Just look at my Icon and say yes!

Re: Friends?

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Re: Friends?

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Re: Friends?

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Re: Friends?

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Re: Friends?

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Don't know whether you remember me/are familiar with me. I'm a fellow HP/Ron fan, and a sometime ff writer (I used to write at Checkmated). We have many friends in common (the steppy one, solstice muse), I think, and I absolutely love your writing. You might recall a few gushing reviews from me, from time to time!

Anyway, I'd like access to your stories and stuff, if you'd be so kind. :) If not, I understand.


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Okay, now I just realized your fic is all on insane journal (which I am attempting to friend you on. There doesn't seem to be a friend feature so I've just posted a request in comments; hope that's sufficient.).

So if you aren't comfortable with having me on this one, it's all cool. :)


Friend me please

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I used to write fanfiction, a long long time ago. I don't wirte anymore, but I love to read it. and I would love to read more of yours and comment on can you please friend me? :)

Re: Friend me please

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I would love you to, but the fic isn't actually on here - it's on shocfix on InsaneJournal - friend it and I'll friend you back...

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Well, I'm the one who'll translate 'Quantcome Leap' to Polish. C:

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That works!

The fic aren't on here, though - friend shocfix on insanejournal if you want to read any other fic, too...


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i'd love to read "Not Another Homework Planner". where can i find it?

Re: hi

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Hi - the fic is on shocfix on insane journal - comment over there and I'll friend you!

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Hi! I'm mainly in BtVS fandom, but I made a post ( asking for Harry/Ron recs as I'm rereading the HP books, and somebody recommended your fics. I'm very much older than 18 and would love to give your stuff a read if it's available. :)

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Ah, I should've read the comments first. The fics are only available on IJ? I'll have to see if I can nab an account over there. :)

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I'm a lurker, but I've seen your fanfics for several different pairings and I love them. Whenever I see a story by you, I know that it will be well written and will have an interesting plot.

Do you have fanfics in this journal? I bet you don't, so where can I find a masterlist of your fics?

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Nevermind. I feel stupid. I will find your stuff on IJ...

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I'd like to read your fic - is this the only place it is hosted? Thanks!

[identity profile] 2011-08-25 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
actually, this is where it ISN'T hosted!!

It's on shocfix on Insane Journal - comment and I'll friend you - it's flocked for high ratings.

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I was wondering if you have your fics archived somewhere else.
I don´t really have an insanejournal account so..
Maybe Archiveofourown? Or Fictionalley?

[identity profile] 2011-12-13 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Oops just saw the comment above and your answer... Will Use an Open Id and bother you here no more.

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I am not sure I have the right person? Did you write long,hot,slow? If so, I was just wondering if there was still a working link anywhere - it used to be one of my favourites and it seems to have vanished :(
Makes me wish I had saved my entire bookmark collection before taking a break from the fandom :(

Hope you can help!