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With HP over and me starting a new job, while single parenting, with buttons both at secondary school, plus finding a new house... too busy... I am going to have a huge flist cut of people I don't know.

Sorry, lurkers, but I want this to be under control.

If you're here for fic, which I'm not sure there'll be much of, in the future, anyway, then there is some way of doing a new post alert on shocfix on InsaneJournal.

I'll leave this unlocked, for people who wonder why I'm not posting, so if anyone gets cut by mistake you can comment and say, 'pfffrt, shocolate, I'm the one you had that long conversation with about Prince Bertil of Sweden!' and I will correct my error...

ETA : I now have 171 people on my flist, yet am still on 754 - this was not in one cut - this is over the last eight years... so if anyone hasn't seen a post from me for ever, and suddenly this unlocked one has popped up - feel free to remove me, and we'll both be tidyer for it.

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Well, since I'm only just now reading this, I can see why you would cut people like me -- I'm a fan of de-cluttering, so I completely understand. I've enjoyed reading your posts during the release of the books over the last several years, and I've also enjoyed reading your well-written fic. Before I go, however, I just wanted to mention that my children and I saw Dan yesterday in "How to Succeed", and he was really wonderful! Not only was his singing and dancing far beyond my expectations, but his comic timing was perfect, and it was a joy to watch someone who is so clearly thrilled to be on stage! Best of luck to you, and thanks for keeping me around for so long!