ext_46394 ([identity profile] lupinella.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] shocolate 2010-09-23 07:10 pm (UTC)

Hello *waves* Asking to be accepted as a friend.

I've been a fan of your work for ages & while I've never submitted fic, I do write & comment with great alacrity. I don't know if I originally found you through the old 'glassesreflect' site or McKay, but I am just getting back in fandom. [As much as I ever REALLY could get away. ;)] One of the qualities about your work I have admired over the years is the fact that you give our ginger-haired boy respect & keep the characters true to their personalities as written, but in a slash-y way!

On a personal note, I'm an actor who works out of O'do & thus, theme parks are the bread, butter & pickles of my income. The nice bit? I know more 'Wand-keepers' & 'Hogwarts Express Conductors' than most fans. I am proud to have been the go-to person for many a friend during their training when they had questions. Texts such as "Is Ollivander good or bad?" and "Now, who is Aberforth again?" began many an arduous [for them] conversation as to the minutiae of Harry Potter. Many of them were converted to fandom, if not slash!

Thanks for your time,
Alia aka lupinella

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